Garcia: “Ministry and Police not giving up on nation’s children…”

Education Minister, Anthony Garcia, says the Ministry of Education has not given up the fight to bring back discipline and ensure a peaceful environment in the nation's schools.

Speaking on The Morning Brew show today, the education minister confirmed that the ministry has been working closely with Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and his team, to find solutions to the increasing indiscipline and violence in the nation’s 700-plus schools.

Education Minister adopts no-tolerance approach to indiscipline among school students

The Ministry of Education says that as a result of measures put in place by the ministry at the nation’s schools, acts of indiscipline have migrated to off the compound and into the streets.

In a statement issued by the ministry Wednesday, Education Minister Anthony Garcia stated: “I am adamant that there will be a zero-tolerance policy on matters of indiscipline. Any student found to be engaging in such acts, in school uniform, once identified will be dealt with accordingly.”