MY EYE: Sunrise in Princes Town

This photo was sent to us by Sastri Harry via the My Eye feature in the new CNC3 App.

It's a photo of the sunrise this morning in Princes Town.

While we've shown you the fiery protest on the other end of the country, we believe this is just as important to bring you.

We thank Sastri for the inspirational photo and encourage you too to share your videos and photos with us via the My Eye feature in the news CNC3 App.

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Trini sails solo across the Atlantic

On Friday 2nd February 2017, the motor yacht Passagemaker, crewed only by Peter Quentrall-Thomas, arrived in Chaguaramas after crossing the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Trinidad - a distance of nearly 3,000 miles, traversed non-stop in 19 days.

Passagemaker is 55 years old, constructed of 35 tons of Burmese teak.

Powered by a 30-year-old Ford diesel engine, she did not falter. The sails were not used once. At one point no ship was seen for 10 days.

Quentrall-Thomas, 71, says it was a personal challenge to make the crossing totally on his own.

This young planter is moving many to tears for the very right reason

A young boy whose name sounds like "A.J Aberdeen" is winning the hearts of thousands on the Internet, after a video of him speaking positively about his decision to farm and sell peppers to make a living was posted on Facebook.

The boy says he wanted to make "honest money" given that some are selling drugs and others breaking into houses.

He said he grows the peppers himself and sells them.

He said he placed first in Auto Mechanics in school and speaks about the other subjects he does.

Turtle conservationist honoured by the queen

Local turtle conservationist Len Peters has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth II for his voluntary service in protecting endangered turtle species.

The chairman of the Grande Riviere Nature Tour Guide Association was today recognized by Her Majesty and presented with the 'Points of Light Award' by British High Commissioner Tim Stew.