John Estrada

US Ambassador: Immigration laws have not changed

US Ambassador John Estrada is making it clear that the laws that determine deportation have not changed.

The Ambassador issued a statement today fears of mass deportation of residents with the change of government in the US.

The following is the ambassador's statement.

"United States immigration law and regulations have not changed following our recent elections.

Non-U.S. citizens convicted of crimes in the U.S. can be deported to their country of origin. This happens in Trinidad and Tobago, as all over the world.

Ambassador Estrada to resign

US Ambassador John Estrada will resign from his post according to established procedure when a new president is elected.

Ambassador Estrada issued this statement Wednesday morning, following the election victory of Donald Trump.

"Every time a new president is elected U.S. Ambassadors all over the world submit their resignation.

It is up to the new President‎ to either accept or reject these resignations.

I will submit my resignation, following long-established procedure.  

This would have happened no matter who was elected.

US Government gives T&T until February 2017 to pass FATCA legislation

US Ambassador John Estrada has announced that the US Government is giving this country until February 2017 to pass FATCA legislation.

The announcement comes after the Government said it had sought an extension from the US Department of Treasury for the passage of the bill.

The following is the statement from the US Ambassador:

“I wanted to take a brief moment to provide another update on FATCA.

US Ambassador: Attack on Orlando club hits close to home

US Ambassador John Estrada says the attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando hits close to home for him, because he lived in the Orlando area.

The Ambassador issued this statement today:

"Our hearts go out to the victims of the Orlando attack, as well as their families, friends, and communities. I used to live in the Orlando area, so this hateful act hits close to home for me. That people could be targeted for mass murder because of their sexual preference is unconscionable--as it would be if they were targeted for their race, religion, or gender.