Another fisherman believed kidnapped by Venezuelans

Desperate to escape Venezuelan pirates, two kidnapped fishermen jumped off their abductor's boat on Monday night but only one of them managed to make it home safely.

Bruised and traumatised Keyon Alexander, 29, of La Union Road, Erin arrived home around 3 pm. 

He had spent the night swimming desperately and bawling for help from passing boats.

However, it was hours later that he managed to climb on top of an offshore oil installation where he rested for a while before being picked up by a passing boat occupied by local fishermen. 

Griffith: We will flush out bad police officers

The Police Service is confirming that only two police officers have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of Natalie Pollonais but says a third man was held transporting the victim.

A statement issued on Tuesday afternoon says that Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, today commends the entire team of officers whose collaborative tactical, technical and intelligence efforts aided in the clinical extraction and safe return of Pollonais on Monday evening.

Natalie's rescue brings hope to Sookdeo family

The dramatic rescue of kidnapped mother Natalie Pollonais and the subsequent arrests of three police officers has brought renewed hope to Mark Sookdeo, whose wife Ria Sookdeo was abducted two years ago.

The abduction was witnessed by someone who saw Sookdeo being taken away by a man wearing a police uniform, near the Picton Presbyterian School at Papourie Road, Diamond.

A sketch of the suspect was provided to the police but despite its widespread circulation, no one was ever arrested and Ria was never found.

Police rescue La Brea kidnap victim

A 46-year-old fisherman, who was reportedly kidnapped on Monday 13th August, 2018, has been rescued by officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit (AKU) during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the Mayaro district this afternoon.

The victim was at his La Brea home in the company of friends around 3:00 am on Monday 13th August, 2018, when three men purporting to be police officers entered the premises and forced him into a silver Nissan AD wagon against his will.

The assailants claimed they were conveying the victim to the La Brea Police Station.

Three charged with kidnapping and raping three women

Two brothers and a national of the Dominican Republic, have been remanded into custody after appearing before a Chaguanas Magistrate, charged with the kidnapping and rape of three women, which occurred over the period July 25th to August 2nd.

Nicholas Babwaw, 26, a fisherman of Morne Diablo, Penal, his 32-year-old brother Kevon Babwah, an AC technician of Scott Road, Penal and Starling Gutierrez 20, a Dominican Republic national residing in Chaguanas, were denied bail when they appeared before the Chaguanas 1st Magistrates’ Court, on August 10th. 

71-year-old kidnapped businessman rescued; no ransom paid

A 71-year-old businessman who was kidnapped on Thursday has been rescued.

Sooklal Ramroop of San Fernando was kidnapped for ransom around 3:30 pm yesterday.

However, police say he was found around 1:30pm today in bushes along Trainline Road, Marabella.

The $700,000 ransom demanded was not paid.

Seven suspects have been detained including two women.

The police later issued a statement on the rescue: