Around the world: Businesses in Zimbabwe close their doors

Businesses in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare close its doors as they wait for the results from the presidential election.
Armed soldiers and police are on patrol in the capital city. 
Three people were killed in the city on Wednesday in clashes between the security forces and supporters of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.
The opposition leader says Monday's elections were rigged to give President Emmerson Mnangagwa victory.
The elections were the first since long-time ruler Robert Mugabe was ousted in November.

MY EYE: Mass killing of dogs

This photo was sent to us by Chris Simon.

Simon says this mass killing of dogs happened Monday at Upper Union Road, Four Roads, Bird Street, Diego Martin.

He said it's been going on since back in 1991 to this day.

According to Simon, Four Roads police have said they cannot do anything about it.

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