VIDEO: Roget tells BpTT, "Take your platform and go"

OWTU president Ancel Roget says the decision by BpTT to not construct its Angelin platform here is because he believes the company could not get its way with workers.

Labour issues have been partially blamed for the delays that forced BpTT to construct the platform in the US instead.

Roget says the union is not relenting on its decision to protest when the union believes it is acting in the best interest of the workers.

CSO data shows unemployment up in last quarter of 2015

Data from the Central Statistical Office shows an increase in the unemployment rate in the last quarter of 2015.

The following is a statement issued by the CSO today:

"The Central Statistical Office is pleased to announce the release of the Labour Force Bulletin for the 4th Quarter 2015. 

The information contained in this bulletin is based on data collected in the Continuous Sample Survey of Population conducted during the period October-December 2015.