TTMA objects to nationwide shutdown

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) says a nationwide shutdown on Friday will negatively impact the interests of the majority of citizens.

The TTMA is the latest organisation to object to the nationwide shutdown on Friday.

The TTMA issued the following statement on Tuesday.

"The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) stands in solidarity with all unions negotiating for safe working conditions, fair wages and the best interests of their workers. 

ECA: Employers have no obligation to pay workers who are absent on Friday

The Employers' Consultative Association (ECA) is reminding citizens that employers have no obligation under law to pay workers who stay away from work on Friday. 

The ECA says citizens must be mindful that a national shutdown, even for a short period, can impact this country's ability to compete globally.

The ECA issued the following statement on Tuesday.

"It is no secret that our nation continues to face tough economic times.

Duke takes rest & reflect call to San Fernando

PSA president Watson Duke walks through High Street, San Fernando today, calling on workers to stay away from work on Friday. He made the walk soon after several trade union leaders met in San Fernando to further addres Friday's planned day of "rest and reflection".

Video & photo by Kristian De Silva. 

Chamber condemns OWTU's "irresponsible" call to mobilise

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce is calling on citizens all Petrotrin stakeholders to adopt a level-headed approach and work collaboratively for a successful way forward.

The Chamber said in a statement Monday that it deems the call by the president of the Oilfields Workers Trade Union (OWTU), a retrograde step that may simply serve to undermine the economy, and ultimately harm the very persons it is intended to help.

Minister sounds stern warning against staying away from work on Friday

Minister of Public Administration, Marlene Mc Donald is seeking to discourage citizens from adhering to calls made by labour leaders, to stay away from their jobs on Friday.

In a statement issued on Monday, the ministry said the minister wishes to discourage citizens from taking "such irresponsible and injudicious action".

She is reminding public servants that, as a rule, persons employed in the essential services are prohibited from withholding their services whether or not in sympathy with institutions in which they are not employed.

Licks for TTUTA over boycott call

Political analyst Prof John La Guerre has viewed the T&T Unified Teachers’ Association’s (TTUTA) call for teachers to stay away from classes on September 7 as holding the nation’s children to ransom.

La Guerre weighed in on the issue a day after TTUTA president Lynsley Doodhai called on teachers to boycott classes as a show of solidarity for the Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU), which was dealt a hard blow with the shutdown of the Petrotrin refinery.

PSA, Finance Ministry talk on progress of Revenue Authority

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert and PSA president, Watson Duke, have agreed to draft a Memorandum of Understanding on the structure of the proposed Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority. 

The decision came via a meeting of the ministry and the PSA on Wednesday.

Legislation on the authority is now before a Joint-Select Committee of Parliament and requires a special majority vote.

Minister Imbert said the two parties discussed issued of job security and employee benefits, as well as union representation, the health plan and pension plan.

Chamber: Petrotrin board on the right path

The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce says it supports the board of Petrotrin in its mandate to ensure that the organisation reinvents and repositions itself to become a competitive, self-sustaining entity.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Chamber said that in doing so, it believes that the company is on the right path to fulfilling its obligations to the State, and towards financing its own business requirements.

FITUN: Petrotrin decision puts us back in colonial times

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions and Non-Governmental Organisations (FITUN) says the decision to close down the refining operations of Petrotrin, is putting the country back to a place similar to colonial times.

FITUn is demanding that the report of the Lashley Committee into the restructuring of Petrotrin, be made public.

FITUN's president Joseph Remy issued the following statement on Wednesday.