Man crushed to death at Forres Park landfill

A man has been crushed to death at the Forres Park landfill.

Preliminary reports indicate that just after 9 am AD-8 tractor was at the compacting area of the site when the accident occurred.

Initial investigations suggest that the man, who is yet to be identified, was asleep under a makeshift cover of waste material in the area.

Man crushed at Forres Park landfill

Police are investigating an accident at the Forres Park Landfill, in which a man was crushed to death.
A statement by the Solid Waste Management Company (SWMCOL) said the incident occurred approximately 10:15 am while the victim a salvager was rummaging through waste.

He was crushed by a reversing bulldozer while at the tip.
SWMCOL’s CEO Ronald Roach has expressed condolences to the family and friends of the victim.

Man crushed to death at Beetham landfill

Police are investigating the death of a man at the Beetham Landfill, after being pinned under a garbage truck.

The incident happened just after 6am today.

According to reports, the man was an attendant employed by M&N Contractors Limited, who was attending to his vehicle when the vehicle fell on him.

60 percent of Beetham landfill fire extinguished

The Solid Waste Management Company says the fire at the Beetham landfill was started by illegal salvaging.

The company says that so far 60% of the fire has been extinguished and smoke is currently not affecting Port of Spain and environs due to the wind direction.

However SWMCOL is advising all commuters to proceed with caution along the Beetham highway.