Landslide hampers T&TEC following outage from Maracas to Blanchissuese

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) says it is aware that several communities along the North Coast Road are without electricity at this time but is hampered by the landslide that occurred this morning.

T&TEC customers from Maracas to Blanchissuese are without electricity.

T&TEC says it is experiencing difficulty accessing the area due to the landslide near the Maracas lookout.

However, the utility says it is utilising an alternative route through Arima to reach the affected areas to determine the cause of the outage.

International: At least 133 killed in Bangladesh landslide

At least 133 people, including four army men and a number of women and children, were killed in landslide in the hilly districts of Bangladesh, after yesterday’s daylong rain caused by a depression in the Bay.

In Rangamati the death toll is 100 while in Chittagong 26 and Bandarban seven, our local correspondents report. Four members of Bangladesh Army including two of its officers are among the deceased in Rangamati, said Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR).

Further traffic restrictions as a result of Maraval landslide

The Ministry of Works and Transport says that from 7pm Monday 3rd October, 2016 to 5am Tuesday 4th October, 2016, there will be a temporary traffic disruption at #1 Boissiere Village, Maraval due to ongoing land stabilization works.

As a result, the Ministry is advising of traffic restrictions that will be in effect from Saddle Road between the Roundabout at KFC (North) and Rapsey Street (South).

It says,

• Please proceed with extreme caution and observe all directional signs and barriers

Alternative traffic routes as Maraval landslide reoccurs

Drivers are being advised to find alternative routes after a landslip reoccurred on Saddle Road in Maraval on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Works and Transport has issued a statement saying that ongoing repair works are currently ongoing at #1 Boissiere Village, Saddle Road, Maraval (Opposite M&M Insurance Ltd.)

It has advised of the following traffic restrictions being enforced to complete works at the site from Tuesday September 27 to Friday September 30, 2016:

Saddle Road between the Roundabout (KFC) (North) and Rapsey Street (South)

Maraval landslide traffic restrictions to continue until Thursday

The Ministry of Works and Transport says work to clear a landslide that occurred in Maraval on Monday, will continue until Thursday, resulting in restricted traffic.

The Ministry issued the following statement on the matter this afternoon.

"The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to advise the public that from Tuesday 30th August, 2016 to Thursday 1st September 2016, there will be a temporary traffic disruption due to ongoing repair works at #1 Bossiere Village, Saddle Road, Maraval (Opposite M&M Insurance LTD).