Seven homeless after Laventille fire

A bush fire got out of con­trol af­ter a man tried to burn some dried grass de­stroyed two homes and a car in Laven­tille on Sunday leav­ing sev­en peo­ple home­less.

Ac­cord­ing to re­ports, the two wood­en hous­es caught fire around 9 am in Block 22, Laven­tille.

The af­fect­ed fam­i­lies were not present when Guardian Me­dia vis­it­ed the scene around 10 am.

Res­i­dent Se­le­na Williams said she was get­ting ready for church when she was alert­ed by neigh­bours about the blaze.

“I smell the bush burn­ing and I peek out,” she said.

Murder in Laventille

Still no leads into the murder of 23-year-old Joel Phillip.

Reports indicate that around 4:30 pm on Thursday, residents of Boxhill Trace in Laventille heard several loud explosions.

The police was contacted and upon arrival discovered Phillip's  body lying in a pool of blood.

Several spent shells were recovered near the scene.

A motive for the killing is yet to be established.