Law Association

Law Association's no confidence motion tomorrow

Trinidad Guardian: A special general meeting of the Law Association will be held tomorrow when a motion of no confidence is to be moved against the association’s president Senior Counsel Reginald Armour and vice president Gerry Brooks for conduct deemed “improper.”

The motion of no confidence is being brought against Armour and Brooks for their alleged failure to consult with the Law Association’s membership to obtain a view on the Strategic Services Agency (Amendment) Bill 2016 before meeting with Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.

Law Association does not support extension of bail and anti-gang bills

The Law Association does not support the extension of the lives of the bail amendment acts and the anti-Gang Act that are currently before the Parliament.

In 2015 the association did not agree with the measures taken by then Attorney General Garvin Nicholas calling it disproportionate and that the new legislation amounted to the denial of a person’s Constitutional rights.

The Law Association called then for the repeal of the bail legislation, hence the reason for the Law Association not supporting the renewal of the two bills. 

'Rampant fraud' at Land Registry

One Justice of the Peace is calling for an investigation into the operations of the Land Registry.

JP Ackbar Khan’s call comes on the heels of a press advertisement issued by the Law Association today, highlighting the issue of rampant fraudulent activated surrounding real estate transactions.

In the advertisement, the Law Association confirms that some records at the Land Registry Department are now considered to have been obtained by fraudulent means.