Lopinot murder caught on camera

The fatal shooting of 33-year-old businessman Quincy Gill was caught on camera.

Gill, of Bregon Park, D'abadie was shot around 6:45 am when he turned up at his Lopinot Junction business place.

He eventually died at hospital.

Anyone who can identify the shooter should contact the police.

Man shot in Lopinot

A 33-year-old man is currently warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex following a shooting incident this morning.

Reports indicate that around 6:45 am, the victim arrived at his business place at Lopinot Junction, Arouca, when he was accosted by an armed assailant. 

There was an altercation and the assailant subsequnelty shot the man before fleeing the scene on foot.

Police were contacted and the wounded man taken to hospital where he is said the be in a critical condition.


Two men shot dead in Lopinot and Arima

Police are probing two murders in East Trinidad, one in Lopinot and the other in Arima.

Around 11:50 pm 25-year-old Lleron Alexander was at his business place, LA Mini Mart, at East Main Road, Lopinot when a man approached him and a struggle ensued.

Two loud explosions were heard and persons around intervened and subdued the suspect.

Officers of the Northern Division Task Force (NDTF) arrived and conveyed both to the Arima Hospital.

Alexander succumbed around 1 am.

The 24-year-old suspect is still at hospital.

Man dies in freak accident in Lopinot

A 41-year-old man was run over and killed by his car in Lopinot on Sunday.

According to reports, Ishwar Maharaj was driving along Mc David Trace in Lopinot when his van stalled.

Maharaj got out and crawled under the vehicle to inspect the problem when it rolled forward and crushed him.

By the time villagers noticed and came to render assistance, they found Maharaj's dead body pinned beneath the vehicle.

Police are investigating the matter.