M2 Ring Road

Body with gunshot wounds found along M2 Ring Road

The body of a man was discovered this morning with a gunshot wound to the head, he is yet to be identified.

Around 6 o'clock a jogger stumbled upon the body along the M2 Ring Road near a Defence Force base.

When the police were called in they noticed that the man of African descent had a gunshot wound to the head and another to one of his legs.

The man was dressed in a three-quarter pants and a T-shirt.

Police believe the victim to be in his 30's. 


Bandits attacking cars along M2 Ring Road

The police are being asked to investigate reports that bandits are attacking cars that are using the M2 Ring Road at night.

This comes as several drivers have reported being attacked. Victims say stones are thrown at their vehicles, smashing the windscreen as the perpetrators hope the drivers would stop, thus allowing the opportunity for them to be robbed.

But victims are also concerned that the Barrackpore police station has rejected several calls for help and has instead referred victims to the San Fernando Police

Police investigate body of woman found off M2 Ring Road

Police are investigating the murder of a woman whose body was found dumped along the M2 Ring Road.

Police say they received call around 10 this morning about the discovery which was made along a gravel road off the M2 Ring Road, Debe.

Police say there was blood around the head and upper body, and that the woman is of East Indian descent, in her 40s. 

The woman was clad in a blue top and black pair of trousers.

Officers suspect that the woman was killed hours earlier at another location and her body dumped off the Ring Road.