Police involved shooting in San Raphael

A bandit was shot dead by police officers during an alleged police-involved shooting at Brazil Village, San Raphael on Thursday night.

Police have launched a manhunt for the bandit’s three accomplices, who are believed to have been shot and wounded during last night’s incident.

It is alleged that four men, in a white Honda Civic, went to rob the Cross Quality Supermarket at about 8 pm on Thursday.

Police said when the officers responded to the report of the robbery and arrived on the scene, the men got into the vehicle and sped off.

Video: Widespread search as police lockdown of Carli Bay continues

Several workplaces in Carli Bay, Point Lisas and around other parts of Couva have closed early as a manhunt continues for a man believed to have eluded police with a bag of grenades.

Police have been conducted major searches on land, air and sea since just before midday, after the man ran off when stopped by police, dropping one of the grenades in the process.

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