Two shootings, hours apart

Investigations are continuing into two shooting incidents that occurred on Sunday.

In one of the reported incidents, a 30-year-old man is now nursing a broken hip and punctured bladder at the Port of Spain General Hospital after he was shot multiple times while in Santa Cruz.

According to a police report, at about 8.30 pm, the victim was liming at the corner of Pepper Hill and Grand Curacaye Road, Bourg Mulatresse, Lower Santa Cruz, when he was approached by a man he knows.

Work continues on Maracas Beach facility

The Ministry of Tourism is advising the public that Phase 1 upgrade works are currently being carried out by NIDCO, on behalf of the Ministry of Works and Transport, at the Maracas Beach Facility.

It says that these works in progress include the transition to a new wastewater treatment plant located adjacent to the car park and the demolition of the old wastewater treatment plant located west of the Life Guard Building.

'Richard's Bake & Shark' among vendors given keys to new Maracas booths

Eight vendors were presented with the keys to their new booths at the Maracas Beach Facility by Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell on Wednesday.

These vendors had previously been displaced from locations in the Facility’s car park to facilitate ongoing upgrades.

In addition to congratulating the vendors, Minister Mitchell thanked them for their patience throughout the process, noting that they had continued to operate in less than optimal conditions.