Coast Guard seizes close to half a million dollars in marijuana

Nearly half a million dollars worth of marijuana has been seized by the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard says that on Tuesday around 6:37 am, an interceptor, while on routine patrol, intercepted a 28-foot white pirogue in the Third Boca with two occupants on board.

The pirogue, occupants and contents on board were escorted back to Staubles Bay where further searches were conducted.

During the search two crocus bags with 59 packets of a "plant-like substance" were discovered, weighing approximately 32 kilograms with an estimated street value of TT$440,100.

VIDEO: Moore claims Tobago voters being given vast amounts of marijuana to vote

Leader of the Tobago Forwards, one of three political parties contesting Monday's Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections, is claiming that vast amounts of marijuana are being offered to voters to vote for the People's National Movement.


The allegation came after she claimed that money and food cards are also being distributed.

Election campaigns are often riddled with allegations of parties attempting to buy voters, most of which are not backed by any hard evidence.

Coast Guard seizes $50,000 in marijuana

At approximately 6:33pm on Thursday 1st December 2016, an interceptor vessel of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, while on routine patrol intercepted a pirogue, one (1) nautical mile or two kilometres (2km) north of Chacachacare Island, with three occupants on board.

A plastic bag which was sighted floating in the water not far from where the pirogue was intercepted was also retrieved.

The vessel, the occupants and the contents within the plastic bag were taken to Coast Guard Headquarters Staubles Bay where further searches were conducted.

Five school dropouts charged with cultivating marijuana

Five teenagers today appeared before Chaguanas Magistrate, Joanne O’Connor, charged with cultivating marijuana with an estimated street value of $300,000,a statement by the Police Service has said.

The statement said the teenagers, aged 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 were held in a marijuana field located off Arena Road, Freeport, by officers of the Central Division Task Force during an anti-crime operation in the area on November 9th, 2016.

Police say 305 marijuana trees were uprooted and destroyed by police.

The boys were described as school dropouts.

There's another election for millions in the US today and it has to do with weed

While millions vote to elect a new president in the United States, another election is taking place at the same time - a vote to decide if to legalise marijuana. 

The states of California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada, are voting on whether to make marijuana a legal recreational drug.

In three others—Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota—voters will decide if they want to legalize medical marijuana.

In Montana, voters will decide whether or not to ease restrictions on their medical marijuana system.

Marijuana, cellphone found outside Golden Grove prison

Police are investigating the discovery of marijuana, a cellphone and cigarette lighters outside of the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca.

The discovery was made after 5pm Monday.

The find included 16 packets of marijuana, two cigarette lighters and a cellphone wrapped in plastic bound by rubber bands.

At the time of this report it was not yet clear how the discovery was made but police believe the items were destined for inside the prison as contraband.

We'' update this report when we get more.

Police seize assault rifle, ammunition & weed in Diego Martin

According to reports. officers of the Western Division Task Force under the supervision of Senior Superintendent Ramdhanie acted on information they received around 6am today, when they proceeded to a river bank on Davidson Drive, La Puerta.

The officers found a Russian-made assault rifle containing five rounds of ammunition along with 500 grams of marijuana.

No one arrested and inquiries are continuing.

In an unrelated incident, police have also arrested two from Bagatelle, Diego Martin, for possession of marijuana.

The men were arrested on Bagatelle Road.