$205,000 bail for 3 women on ganja charges

Three women were granted a total of $205,000 bail after they appeared yesterday in the San Fernando Magistrates Court charged with marijuana possession.

Friends Raquel Williams, 35, and Kathleen Joseph, 55, a mother of five, are charged jointly with possession of 310 grammes of marijuana.

It is alleged officers executed a search warrant for illegal arms and ammunition at Williams’ home at Bayshore, Marabella on Saturday.

Shotgun, marijuana found in Moruga camp

A shotgun and a quantity of marijuana are discovered by officers of the Moruga Police Station, during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the district, yesterday.

The exercise was conducted between 6 pm and 8:10 pm, on Wednesday 20th June, 2018, during which officers proceeded to a camp, approximately five miles into Edward Trace, Moruga.

A search of the camp was conducted approximately 50 feet from the roadway, in the vicinity of a metal water tank, where officers found the shotgun loaded with one 16 gauge cartridge.

UWI Professor: T&T can be leader in medicinal marijuana

It’s not too late for T&T to establish itself as a leader in medicinal marijuana.

This was the view shared yesterday by Prof Jayaraj Jayaraman, a biotechnology and plant microbiologist at the University of the West Indies (UWI), as he appeared before a Joint Select Committee on Social Services and Public Administration chaired by Dr Dhanayshar Mahabir at Parliament Building, Tower D, Port-of-Spain.

The proceedings dealt with the benefits of non-traditional medicines in the treatment of non-communicable diseases.

Police destroy marijuana valued at $200,000

Three marijuana fields containing 200 marijuana trees and 500 seedlings were discovered and destroyed by officers of the Eastern Division, during a marijuana eradication exercise in the Sangre Grande district, police said in a statement Wednesday.

The exercise, supervised by Cpl. Denton Cortez, of the Valencia Police Post, took place between 8 am and 12 pm, on Tuesday 5th June, 2018.

The exercise also included officers attached to the Eastern Division Task Force and Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit.

Two charged with possession of marijuana

Two men are expected to appear before a Port of Spain Magistrate today, charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

Kristus Rampersadsingh, 32, a loans officer, of California, Chaguanas, and Kevin Thomas, 38, a labourer, of McShine Lane, Belmont, were arrested and charged by officers of the Port of Spain Task Force, who were on mobile patrol in the Sea Lots, Port of Spain district, Sunday 27th May, 2018.

While on patrol around 7:15pm, officers had cause to stop and search a silver Nissan Navara motor vehicle being driven by Rampersadsingh.

$3.4 million in marijuana go up in flames following police exercises

Eight marijuana fields, four camps and over 3,000 fully grown marijuana trees were destroyed during a marijuana eradication exercise, conducted by officers of the Eastern Division, in the Sangre Grande district.

Supervised by Cpl. Neil Narine, of the Eastern Division Task Force (EDTF), the exercise included officers of the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit, Air Support Unit and the EDTF.