Marissa Dick

Gymnastic Federation picks Dick for First Citizens Sports Foundation awards

The nominees for the 2016 First Citizens Sports Foundation have been announced.

Among the nominees, is gymnast Marissa Dick, whose selection for last year's Olympics over Thema Williams, sparked controversy.

The following is the list of nominees and their profiles.


(Trinidad & Tobago Amateur Boxing Association)

Nigel Paul

It took Nigel Paul only a year to complete a journey into an elite group.

TTOC confirms Marissa Dick for Rio Olympics

The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee has announced that gymnast Marissa Dick will be the Trinidad and Tobago representative for the Rio Olympics.

The announcement was made just before 11am at a news conference hosted by the TTOC.

TTOC President Brian lewis said the decision was made based on the International Federation of Gymnastics' confirmation of the eligibility of the athlete.

He says the TTOC has no decision but to include Dick in the team.

This decision now conclusively rules out Thema Williams from the competition.

Sports Company sets May 3rd deadline for TTGF report

The Sports Company has given the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastic Federation until May 3rd to produce a report on the funding of recent activities that led to Marissa Dick being chosen to represent this country in the Rio Olympics.

The Sports Company says it did not approved funding for Dick's participation in the Rio Test Event.

The following is a statement the Sports Company:

Womantra stands in defense of gymnasts

Women’s activists group, Womantra, is taking issue with the actions of the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnasts Federation.

The federation initiated disciplinary action against Thema Williams and Marissa Dick, after topless photos of the athletes surfaced in the public domain.

In a release today the women’s rights group is describing the decision as body policing, character assassination and misogyny.

Earlier this year, Thema Williams posted a topless post of herself on her instagram page captioned “being black women is an honour..always”.

T&T gymnast lands in record books for new move

Marisa Dick catapults off the springboard and leaps into the air.

In the splits, she lands on the balance beam, legs extended, toes pointed, arms stretched to the ceiling, perched in perfect balance.

It's the St. Albert's gymnast's signature move, and when she debuted it last fall at the world gymnastics competition in Glasgow, Scotland, it had never been done before.

The one-of-a-kind mount now bears her name in the official Code of Points, a rulebook that defines the scoring system for each level of competition in gymnastics.