Matelot village mourns death of Exemplar youth

The quiet and peaceful fishing village of Matelot is plunged into mourning following the murder of an exemplar youth, 21-year-old Odion Graham.

According to a police report, at about 11.30 pm on Monday villagers heard several gunshots in the vicinity of Santa Cruz Road Matelot.

A party of officers were called to the scene where they found Graham dead on the roadway. He was shot several times to the head and back.

Graham lived at the corner Santa Cruz Road and Samuel Street.

15 Grande Riviere, Matelot families compensated for losses in natural disaster

Fifteen families who were victims of the natural disaster which occurred on the 28th of November, 2016 received compensation in the form of furniture, appliances and mattresses from the Ministry of the People and Social Development today.

The families are from Grande Riviere and Matelot.

This represents the 2nd tranche of assistance, the first set of families being compensated in December 2016.

A third tranche of compensation will take place next week.

Matelot residents repair own roads

Fed up of the poor road conditions along Paria Main Road, five Matelot residents came together to undertake their own road paving exercise.

The team was headed by president of the St Helena Village Council (Matelot) John Lewis. Lewis said yesterday that he was at his wits’ end since the roads were growing progressively worse following last November’s landslide which left several families marooned in their homes in Matelot.

Lewis said he placed photographs of the paving job on Facebook not for glory or fame, but for people to know what they have to endure.

Defence Force assists in Matelot relief efforts

The Defence Force is assisting in relief efforts in the Toco region, through the Regiment's Engineering Battalion, Air Guard and Coast Guard.

The following statement has been issued by the Defence Force.

"With the persistent rainfall over the past 24 hours, North Coast Trinidad, particularly, the Toco region has been adversely affected. Numerous landslides along the main road to Matelot have resulted in impassable roads and communities being cut-off.