One YTC escapee caught; 4 still at large


One of the five juveniles who escaped custody from the Youth Transformation and Rehabilitation Centre (YTC) on October 3rd, was captured on Sunday November 3rd in the Mayaro district.

15-year-old Jaden Fletcher was recaptured by officers from the Mayaro Police Station at 1:45 pm on Sunday. He was found in an abandoned house.

Seaweed horror for Mayaro fisherfolk

Fish­er­men who ply their trade in the At­lantic Ocean, off the south-east coast of Trinidad, say the re­turn of the sar­gas­sum sea­weed is af­fect­ing their abil­i­ty to catch fish.

A large amount of the sea­weed be­gan wash­ing up along the south­east­ern coast, par­tic­u­lar­ly along the Ma­yaro shore­line, over the last two weeks. 

Fish­er­men say the sea­weed dam­age their nets and en­gines.

With their in­creased cost for su­per gas af­ter reg­u­lar im­ports were halt­ed, fish­er­men com­plained that they don’t have the mon­ey to re­pair their boats and nets.