Met Office

Met Office cancels Adverse Weather Alert

The Met Office has canceled the Adverse Weather Alert and has returned the level to green.
The Met Office says that weather conditions have improved considerably.
However, the Riverine Alert remains at orange.
The statement said that river levels are currently near threshold values in some parts, especially along the Caroni basin and flooding is ongoing in certain regions as well.

Met Office: Weather improvements by late morning tomorrow

The heavy rain that dominated most of the last three days should be done by tomorrow, according to the forecast by the Met Office.

The Met Office says patchy cloudiness with showers will occur in varying localities mainly after midnight but notes that there is just a 40% chance of thunderstorm activity in few areas towards dawn.

It says that tomorrow, showers will occur in varying localities with improvement expected after late morning.

Met Office warns of possible flooding with heavy showers

The Met Office is warning that there is a 70% chance of one or two showers becoming heavy and thundery during the early afternoon.

Already, several parts of the country are experiencing rainfall, including some thunder showers.

The Met Office says the country will be cloudy at times with intermittent showers in varying localities. 

It adds that gusty winds and street/flash flooding are likely in heavy showers and thundershowers.



Tropical Wave passes but lingering showers expected

The Met Office says a tropical wave that brought rainfall overnight is now west of T&T.

However, it says lingering convergence behind the axis will continue to aid in the development of showers, but mainly over Trinidad.

It adds that gusty winds are also expected at times and that conditions should settle by mid-afternoon, but brief lingering showers are still expected.

Most of Trinidad and Tobago experienced showery activity overnight due to convergence associated with a tropical wave.

Met Office: Long-period swells affecting northern coastlines

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) says reports indicate that mainly the northern coastlines of Trinidad and Tobago have been experiencing the effects of long-period swells.

It says the effects are in the form of large breaking waves, and while these swells are mainly affecting nearshore activity, the general sea state is not rough.

The event is expected to peak today, however, the swells are forecast to continue affecting these particular coastlines for at least the next week.

Northerly swells to peak today; waves can reach 3 metres high

The Met Office says northerly swells are expected to continue for 24 hours and are expected to peak today.

The Met Office is continuing its Rough Seas bulletin in this regard.

The following is the latest bulletin issued by the Met Office.

"Northerly swells have been affecting coastlines of Trinidad and Tobago over the last 24 hours and this swell event is expected to peak today, Friday, 23rd February, 2018.

The swells are forecast to continue affecting coastlines over the next 24 hours.