Ministry of Agriculture

Depot Road Farmers need pond dredged...Ministry promises help

Farmers at Depot Road in Longdenville are calling on an intervention from the Ministry of Agriculture to assist in the irrigation of their crops as there is no pipe-borne water.

The farmers, who have been accessing water via a pond, are predicting severe drought for the 2020 Dry Season, similar to what they experienced last year.

The existing pond is filled with silt and is in dire need of dredging.

Rambharat: 12-foot anaconda poses no immediate threat

The Ministry of Agriculture will only consider relocating a 12-foot anaconda at its livestock station in Aripo if it seen again or poses a danger to staff and livestock.

In a Facebook post issued on Thursday, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat said Saiyaad Ali of the Serpentarium was invited to the station yesterday afternoon to observe the reptile.

While he said that the snake posed no immediate danger to staff and livestock at the facility presently, Rambharat said his ministry would monitor the situation as some staff members were apprehensive of its presence.

Black flags erected outside Ministry of Agriculture and Office of the Prime Minister

A series of Black flags have been erected outside the Ministry of Agriculture and the Office of the Prime Minister.

The flags were erected sometime last night.

CNC3 contacted Pundit Luthcmdial who admitted that they were elevated by his employees as a form of protest.

He says the flags are not linked to any religious rituals.

CNC3 understands the matter is linked to a quarry contract.

Agriculture Ministry confirms lifting of Brazilian meat ban

The  Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries has confirmed the lifting of meat products from Brazil.

CNC3 carried the report on Friday. The Ministry issued the following statement today:

"The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries today announced the lifting of the temporary restriction on both the import and retail sale of meat products from Brazil including corned beef, chicken patties and chicken nuggets. 

Ministry of Agriculture issues weather warning to farmers, fisherfolk

The Ministry of Agriculture, Landa and Fisheries is advising all farmers and fisherfolk to take all warnings from the Met Office and the Office of Disaster Preparedness (ODPM) seriously, in light of the weather system near to Trinidad and Tobago.

The Ministry issued the following statement on the matter this afternoon:

Ministry of Agriculture says it will eradicate locust problem

The Ministry of Agriculture is advising residents and farmers in the Point Fortin area that the Ministry is committed to putting all the necessary resources towards eradicating the locusts currently affecting them.
The Ministry issued a statement Friday saying that it has a well-established and successful management strategy for this pest that exists mainly in the counties of St Patrick West and Victoria.

Leaked internal memo reveals Agriculture Ministry to send home workers

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is set to become the first Ministry to terminate the employment of workers, amid the current economic climate.

Many of the workers to be sent home, do not as yet know, as letters are to be sent to them by Monday May 23rd giving either two days or five days notice.