Ministry of Education

Ministry confirms classes of School for the Blind moved from Santa Cruz to Five Rivers

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that the classes of the School for the Blind have been relocated to the Five Rivers Secondary School.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the ministry said extensive repairs were completed at the old Five Rivers Secondary School to prepare five classrooms to house the visually impaired students, while repairs were also done to modify three other rooms to accommodate the principal’s office and staff room.

100 school technicians sent home, Education Minster says it's temporary

Right now there are no ICT techs in the nation's schools but the education minister says that is just a temporary issue due to a current assessment process being undertaken by the ministry.

The IT technicians are on a month to month contract with the ministry, but recently none of their contracts has been renewed.

According to Minister Anthony Garcia, there are about 100 IT techs attached to the ministry.

However, due to the country's financial constraints, the ministry has undertaken an assessment drive to ensure there isn't any wastage in that department.

Education Ministry says recent school video is more than a year old

The Ministry of Education says a recent viral video of abuse at the Bethlehem Girls' RC School is over a year old and has been dealt with.

The Ministry issued the following statement today: 

"The Ministry of Education has investigated and found that the video being circulated on Social Media of a fight at the Bethlehem Girls’ RC School is over one year old.