Ministry of Education

Education Ministry refutes claim of "criminals being bred in classrooms"

The Ministry of Education is seeking to clarify claims made in a newspaper that criminals are being bred in the classroom.

According to a statement issued, the claims made by a behaviour change consultant that there is a school counsellor who comes into the school every two weeks to conduct a 40-minute session with a child and then sends the child back to the classroom is incorrect.

Education Ministry seeks to regularise employment of school social workers, contract officers

The Ministry of Education says it is making efforts to regularise the employment of school social workers and contract officers.

The assurance comes via a statement issued to the media today.

"The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education is giving the assurance that efforts are being made to regularise the short-term employment of school social workers and other contract officers at the Ministry.

Education Ministry releases data to support claim that school violence is down

The Ministry of Education has released statistics to support claims of a reduction in school violence.

The statistics show suspensions in secondary schools decreasing by over 25% and by over 14% in primary schools.

The Ministry issued the following statement today:

"The number of incidents of school violence and indiscipline are in decline. The Ministry of Education’s records confirm a clear decline in the number of students suspended over recent times.

Education Ministry: Mayaro principal was not suspended

The Education Ministry says the principal of the Mayaro Government Primary School has not been suspended.

The Ministry says the principal has not been found guilty of anything and that he has only been asked to cease to report to work until the investigations at the school are complete.

The following is a statement by the Ministry of Education.

"The Ministry of Education takes this opportunity to clarify incorrect statements and media reports suggesting the suspension of a school principal by the Ministry of Education.

Education Ministry discontinues misconduct matter against six teachers

The Ministry of Education has taken a decision to discontinue the matter of alleged misconduct by six teachers of the Tranquility Secondary School after several years of repeated adjournment of the hearing, a statement by the Ministry says. 

The statement says that given the recurrent delays and adjournments since the incident and the initiation of tribunal the decision was taken by the Ministry of Education to preserve the integrity of the tribunal process.