Ministry of Education

400 B.O.A contract workers face breadline

Reports  that the contracts of almost 400 business office assistants attached to the ministry of education are set to expire this week.

Business office assistances work alongside principals in the nation's school system and sources say some of the contracts have already expired.

Some of those affected have been employed in this post for up to 12 years in some instances.

Sources say staff at the education ministry have been telling the assistants that there is no information on when, or if, their contracts will be renewed.

Newtown Boys' to close at midday this week

The Newtown Boy's RC School will close at midday for the remainder of this week as electrical repairs take place.

The school has been experiencing ongoing electrical problems and last week the school's Parents-Teachers Association issued a letter to parents warning them that the lives of their children were at risk. 

The Education Facilities Company Limited began repairs at the school on Saturday and have advised that they will need the rest of the week to continue the work.

A decision was taken to have the school closed at midday this week.

Government goes after GATE defaulters; dropouts may have to repay funds

The Education Ministry has announced that the Government will soon begin a drive to recover funds from persons who participated in the Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) programme but did not offer themselves for employment.

Director of Funding and Grants at the Ministry, Teresa Davidson made the announcement at a news conference today.

It comes just one week after the Government announced changes to the GATE programme to eliminate wastage.

Education Ministry stresses no final decision made on GATE

The Ministry of Education is stressing that no decision has as yet been made on the recommendations by the GATE Task Force.

A statement by the Ministry this morning, is telling students that any views on the issue so far are solely those of the report makers.

The following is the statement by the Ministry of Education:

Education Ministry investigating Thursday's fire at El Dorado East Secondary

The Ministry of Education says that clean-up operations have begun at the El Dorado East Secondary School after a fire broke out on Thursday around 1.45 pm.

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the fire.

The Ministry says that initial reports indicate the fire took place in the ceiling of a Form Four classroom located at Block E, Room 41 and was subsequently contained by security officials who were alerted and responded with fire extinguishers.