Ministry of Health

Strategic approach taken to reduce HIV/AIDS in T&T

There are roughly 11,000 people recorded as being HIV positive and living with HIV/AIDS in this country.

And health ministry officials say more and more people are ensuring they know their status by getting tested for HIV.

Coordinator of the HIV/AIDS Coordination Unit at the Ministry of Health, Keitha Kennedy, says Trinidad and Tobago continues to put up a good fight against the disease.

Health Ministry: Don’t eat or sell romaine lettuce

The Ministry of Health is notifying the public that the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised that consumers not eat and retailers not sell any romaine lettuce grown in the Salinas, California growing region.

The ministry says this includes all use-by dates and brands of romaine lettuce from this region.

The advisory has come because of an e.Coli outbreak—specifically e.Coli O157:H7 (Escherichia coli O157:H7), which is a serotype of the bacterial species.

HEALTH MINISTRY: There is no flu outbreak

The ministry of health is doubling down on its insistence that there is no flu outbreak in Trinidad and Tobago.

In an official statement, the ministry is reasserting that suspected influenza cases for the last three years have been on the decline.

The ministry said there were 6,500 cases in 2016, but that dropped to just over 2,000 for this year, so far.

One hundred thousand doses of the influenza vaccine will be given to all hospitals and health centres throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The ministry says that process should be completed by Friday.

SWRHA: Claims of neglect are untrue

Claims that a female patient remained unattended to after collapsing at the San Fernando General Hospital are being refuted.
According to a statement issued by the South West Regional Authority, the circulation of an image on social media with a caption indicating that the patient was left on the floor because there were no ward attendants are untrue.