Lewis: “Need better business environment for real growth…”

The TTMA's Ryan Lewis says it's becoming more difficult to do and get business done in Trinidad and Tobago, and government needs to work towards creating a more enabling environment.

According to Ryan Lewis, increased taxes are hurting businesses, and this is combined with the reality that government's business-related processes and procedures are not as efficient as they should be.

The TTMA head is urging government to start doing what is required to create the enabling environment business needs to reignite the T&T economy.

$1.4 million mistakenly deposited into dismissed worker's account

An elec­tri­cal en­gi­neer is ex­pect­ed to ap­pear in the San Fer­nan­do Mag­is­trates Court on Fri­day charged for mon­ey laun­der­ing and lar­ce­ny of over $1.4 mil­lion af­ter the mon­ey was re­port­ed­ly mis­tak­en­ly de­posit­ed in­to his bank ac­count by his em­ploy­er and he al­leged­ly re­fused to re­turn it.

The 47-year-old man was ar­rest­ed at his Ed­in­burgh, Ch­agua­nas home by of­fi­cers of the Fraud Squad fol­low­ing a year-long in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

Farewell! One-cent coin ceases to be legal tender at midnight

For many, it's been somewhat of the nuisance in the wallet, the smallest monetary representation in T&T with minimal use, the one-cent coin.

But if ever it needed your love, one last time, it would be today. 

As of tomorrow, Tuesday, July 3rd, the one-cent coin will cease to be legal tender in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Central Bank had said in a statement on April 1, 2018, that the public could redeem one-cent coins at commercial banks or the Central Bank up to July 2, 2018.

T&TEC owed $225 million

Although the T&T Electricity Commission (T&TEC) has spent more $60 million in the last five months to improve its service, it is hampered by $225 million in arrears, with business and government entities among the biggest debtors.

Chairman Keith Sirju said hospitals and ministries had not paid their electricity bills for several months and this was affecting T&TEC’s cash flow and its ability to carry out certain operations in a timely manner.

Sorry, you're not $22 million keeps on rolling

If you're waking up this morning wondering whether you're just a mere $22 million richer, well, we have bad news for you.

No one won the lotto last night. Happy right?!!

Yep, we know some of you looked at the draw last night and realised that you didn't win, so it's not such bad news after all.

Actually, while the estimated jackpot was $22 million, the actual jackpot amounted to $22,948,764.68, just enough extra hundred thousands to buy a roti and a red solo.

Finance Ministry: Money for salaries already sent to Ministries

The Ministry of Finance says funds are available for salaries to be paid across the public service.

This comes as several public servants including teachers have not yet been paid.

However the Ministry issued the following statement saying the money has been made available.

"The Ministry of Finance wishes to confirm that during the last week, it made available to all ministries the necessary funds to pay salaries for the month of October 2017.