Morne Diablo

Information leads police to body of a woman three miles into Morne Diablo forest

Police and other first responders are currently on the scene where the body of a woman was found in the Morne Diablo forest this morning.

The discovery came after officers attached to the Souther Division and other investigative divisions of the Police Service, acted upon information around 7am Thursday.

The information led them some three miles into the forest where the partially decomposed body was discovered.

There is no confirmation at this time of the partially decomposed identity of the body.

We will update this report when more comes to hand.

Two women nursing wounds after shooting incident

Two women escaped death Sunday morning as they were shot and wounded while at a bar in Morne Diablo. 

Police say 27-year-old Janelle Bernard and 21-year-old Nisha Danraj were at the bar when an argument between two men turned violent. 

One of the men pulled out a gun and started shooting. 

However, he missed his target and wounded the two women instead. 

The women are warded at the San Fernando General Hospital.