Murder in Moruga

Police are searching for clues to solve the murder of  Moruga gardener Valentine “Mightyman” Andrews who was shot dead at his home on Thursday night.

Andrews, 48, was well known in his village and used to sell beers and cigarettes outside his home.

The street on which he lived, St Andrews Terrace, was named after his family.

Investigators said around 9 pm, two gunmen wearing camouflage clothing entered his home and began firing at point blank range.

Another gunman wearing a mask stood guarding the house while the other accomplices accosted Andrews.

Ministry promises 30 new houses for Moruga by end of September

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development says that by the end of this fiscal year 30 new housing units will be completed and distributed to qualifying residents at Samuel Cooper Road, Fifth Company, Moruga under its Home Village Improvement Programme (HVIP).

Ten other home improvement works will also be undertaken, while infrastructural and drainage works have already started in the community and residents will also be provided with a new Community Centre earmarked for the next fiscal year.

Shotgun, marijuana found in Moruga camp

A shotgun and a quantity of marijuana are discovered by officers of the Moruga Police Station, during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the district, yesterday.

The exercise was conducted between 6 pm and 8:10 pm, on Wednesday 20th June, 2018, during which officers proceeded to a camp, approximately five miles into Edward Trace, Moruga.

A search of the camp was conducted approximately 50 feet from the roadway, in the vicinity of a metal water tank, where officers found the shotgun loaded with one 16 gauge cartridge.

Murder in Moruga

A man has been shot and killed in Moruga.

CNC3 news understands that the 41-year-old victim was walking along rock road shortly after 7 last evening when he was approached by two men. 

Reports suggest an altercation ensued and one of the assailants drew a firearm and shot the man. 

Residents reported hearing loud explosions and the police were called in. 

The victim was taken to the district hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.


Police find shotgun, camouflage clothing in Moruga

Police have discovered a shotgun, a cartridge and camouflage clothing during an anti-crime exercise in Moruga over the weekend.

Officers of the Moruga Police Station conducted the exercise between 6 am and 1 pm, on Sunday 31st, December, 2017, during which they proceeded to Edward Trace, Moruga, where they discovered a camp, approximately four miles into a forested area.

A search of the camp resulted in one 12-gauge shotgun, containing one 12-gauge cartridge and the camouflage clothing discovered hidden inside a latrine.

Two homemade guns found in Moruga

Police officers seized two homemade guns at a hunting camp in Moruga during an anti-crime exercise in Moruga.

The following is a press release from TTPS:

Two homemade guns were discovered by officers of the Moruga Police Station, during an anti-crime exercise in the district, last night.

$280,000 marijuana field destroyed in Moruga

A marijuana field was destroyed by police during a police exercise yesterday. The following is a press release by the TTPS:


Marijuana trees valued at $280,000 were destroyed by officers of the Southern Division Task Force, during a marijuana eradication exercise in the Moruga district, yesterday.