Business confederation wants 5 more days to change old notes

The 12 member Confederation of Regional Business Chambers (CRBC) is asking government to extend its deadline for the return of cotton based $100 bills, by at least five to seven working days in January.

And the group is concerned about the increased security risks to small businesses, as a result of the compressed time given for the currency changeover.

Coordinator for the Confederation, Jaishima Leladharsingh, says many customers of these businesses may not have had time to change their currency before the 31 December deadline, and would be shopping with the old notes.

Ummah T&T: Muslims Disrespected Again

UMMAH T&T Muslim Federation has instructed its attorney to initiate moves to file a constitutional motion against the legislation to take out of circulation the existing $100 dollar bills within a restricted period of time.

This was revealed by Imam Rasheed Karim, chairman of the largest local group of independent Islamic organizations who criticized the move.

According to the Imam, the switch to the polymer bills infringes on the rights of the 180,000 strong Muslim community.

Muslims seek ease in forex restrictions for Hajj

Members of the Muslim community in Trinidad and Tobago are calling on the government to ease the current restrictions on the allocation of foreign exchange to enable their members to make the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.  

Imam Rasheed Karim, the chairman of Ummah T&T Muslim Federation, the largest lobby group seeking the interest of local Muslims, said that the current regulations are making it very difficult for hundreds of  potential pilgrims to make the once-in-a-lifetime journey.

PM meets with Muslim community in wake of New Zealand attack

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is meeting with leaders of the Muslim community for discussions related to security concerns following the recent terrorist attack in New Zealand.

The meeting began at 3 pm at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s.

President tells Muslims to remain steadfast in their faith despite attacks on their religion

President Paula-Mae Weekes has called on law-abiding Muslims to remain steadfast in their faith despite the attack on their religion by criminals who call themselves Muslims.

In her Eid message yesterday, Weekes extended solidarity to "true Muslims" saying Islam has been distorted by those seeking violence and discord.

"It is alarming to observe the distortion of the message of Islam practiced by some in Trinidad and Tobago and around the world, who have been drawn into lifestyles of brutality and contempt for human life," she said.

Singh: PM must apologise to Muslims

Apologise to the Muslim community, Prime Minister! That’s the demand from UNC Chaguanas West MP Ganga Singh who wants Prime Minister Keith Rowley to apologise to that community for Rowley’s recent comments about the Masjid-ul-Muttaqeen Mosque in Cunupia.

“The Prime Minister’s attempt to manipulate the facts of the issue to justify his lack of leadership and impaired judgment was made worse by the fact that he chose the Holy month of Ramadan to launch his latest senseless tirade on the Muslim community,” Singh added calling for the apology.