Nalini Dial

Blows for Nalini Dial after linking Obama's success to "white parentage"

Having formed a political party campaigning against racism in politics, political leader of the National Coalition for Transformation and animal rights activist, Nalini Dial is now being called upon by Facebook followers to explain a post in which she links Barack Obama's success to his "white parentage".

Dial posted the comment around 9 am Wednesday morning.

Nalini Dial writes the queen and you wouldn't believe how social media responds

A letter written by activist Nalini Dial to the Secretary of British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II, has triggered off a wave of mockery on social media.

Dial wrote a letter complaining about the crime situation in the country.


However, she managed to appeal to the humourous side of scores of social media users, who have now adopted the hashtag #writethequeen as a form of mockery.