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Griffith launches investigation into police vehicle

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has launched an investigation into a police officer who was seen in a video circulating on social media, driving a police vehicle with a broken rear wheel.

A statement by the Police Service says that the officer, who has been identified, is attached to the Eastern Division.

The statement said that pending the outcome of the investigation, the officer can be served with disciplinary or criminal action.

Senior Superintendent, Odette Lewis is supervising the investigations.

Criminologist: Kamla's crime plan a pie in the sky

A pie in the sky.

That was the re­ac­tion of crim­i­nol­o­gist Dau­rius Figueira to Op­po­si­tion Leader Kam­la Per­sad-Bisses­sar's short, medi­um and long term crime-fight­ing mea­sures, which she promised to in­sti­tute when the Unit­ed Na­tion­al Con­gress as­sumes of­fice again.

Ad­dress­ing UNC sup­port­ers at the Mon­day Night Fo­rum in Ch­agua­nas, Per­sad-Bisses­sar rolled out her plans, stat­ing that the Gov­ern­ment had been clue­less in bring­ing the mur­der rate down.

10 escapees still on the run

Ten of the 12 detainees who escaped from the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) last Wednesday, are still at large.

IDC sources told Guardian Media that they were working closely with law enforcement officials to try and recapture the men who escaped by cutting two chain link fences during the airing period on Wednesday evening.

Two of the escapees — Venezuelan nationals, Charlie Perez Jose and Claudio Flores, were found wandering in a forested area and escorted back into the facility close to midnight last Wednesday.

Police officers injured in accident

Four police officers were injured in an accident in Barrackpore Tuesday morning. 

Reports indicate that none of the officers received life-threatening injuries.

However, images showed the officers being transported from the scene of the accident in an ambulance. 

One eyewitness told Guardian Media's Ivan Toolsie that a red pick-up truck which was driving behind the officers crashed into the police vehicle after they suddenly mashed brakes. 

Heerah: Zonal curfews can help fight crime

A former head of the National Operations Centre (NOC), Garvin Heerah has called for a zonal curfew or a zonal state of emergency as an immediate initiative to help deal with the reduction of crime in T&T.

Heerah was speaking on the recent ranking of T&T as the 6th country making it one of the most violent countries in the world as per capita. 

Just on Monday, nine murders were recorded bringing the murder toll to 281. 

He was a guest on Tuesday’s edition of CNC3’s The Morning Brew.

COP calls out off-duty officers in response to murder spike

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has announced measures to be taken to peg back the spike in homicides in the last 36 hours, which includes the calling out of all officers who are off-duty. 

In a statement on Monday, the commissioner said the measures will include:

• Detention of suspects in shooting incidents for questioning;

• Every available police officer will be out on the streets conducting static and foot patrols;

• All Emergency Response Patrol Vehicles will be on patrols;

• Officers who are currently on days off, have been called out to duty;

Four IDC escapees are convicted criminals

Four of the ten Immigration Detention Centre(IDC) escapees still at large were convicted criminals that were due to be deported after serving time in jail.

Sources close to the investigation told Guardian Media that Venezuelan nationals Henny Quiroz, Nelson Jose Mendoza, Luis Angel Quiroz and Grenadian Ryan Bowen served time for a series of offences which included firearms possession and possession of ammunition. 

Mendoza, Quiroz(H) and Luis Quiroz were convicted of possession of a firearm while Bowen was convicted of possession of ammunition.

Police polygraph testing begins next week

Polygraph testing of regular and special reserve police officers in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) would commence next week, a statement by the Police Service said Monday.

The statement said the testing forms part of transformational policing for greater accountability within the Police Service.

The testing will be conducted across all divisions of the TTPS and will not be limited to officers assigned to stations along the South Western Peninsula, the statement said.