Former NEDCO workers get VSEP payments

Former employees of the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO), who accepted Voluntary Separation of Employment (VSEP) and Voluntary Early Employee Retirement (VEERP) Programmes, have received outstanding monies

NEDCO says the payout was made on Friday 20th July, 2018.

The employees accepted the company’s offer of VSEP following the announcement of the company’s rebranding and restructuring exercise which was announced by chairman Clarry Benn in January of this year.

NEDCO to pay $7.5 million to 40 VSEP workers

Approximately 40 National Entrepreneurship Development Company Ltd (NEDCO) workers who were offered voluntary separation packages in February were sent home on May 1.

These employees will receive $7.5 million in VSEP payments by the State-owned enterprise at the end of June.