North Coast Road

North Coast Road still closed

The North Coast Road re­mains im­pass­able de­spite the ef­forts by the Min­istry of Works and Trans­port as well as the Min­istry of Agri­cul­ture's Hor­ti­cul­tur­al Di­vi­sion to clear fall­en trees block­ing a sec­tion of the road­way.

At around 3 this morn­ing heavy rains re­sult­ed in trees falling down the moun­tain­side on­to the road­way. Works Min­is­ter Ro­han Sinanan told Guardian Me­dia that ef­forts were made to clear at least one lane by 9.30 am.

Ministry: Stay off the North Coast Road unless you're a resident

The Ministry of Works and Transport is calling on citizens to avoid commute to the North Coast Road today unless absolutely necessary.

The Ministry says citizens must place their public safety first.

It says unless you are a resident in the area, you should not try to use the road until further notice due to the continuation of landslides.

The Ministry says it is maintaining one lane open at this time so motorists should expect traffic delays.

Works Ministry: Water moisture causing further landslips on North Coast Road

The Ministry of Works and Transport says the water content/moisture of the hills on the way to Maracas Beach continues to be high resulting in further landslips.

In its latest update on the landslip that blocked off part of the road today, the ministry said its technical teams are on site ensuring the roads remain passable at this time.

It is advising drivers to continue to proceed with caution when entering the area.

The ministry says it will execute a detailed preventative plan in the upcoming dry season for the slopes leading to Maracas Beach.