Police warn of WhatsApp money-for-jobs scam

Police have issued a warning to be wary of falling prey to scams on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, whereby criminals trick unsuspecting victims into paying large sums of money in exchange for employment.

The warning follows reports of a local social media scam that has resulted in victims being fleeced of large sums of money by criminals.

In December 2018, several persons who are members of a WhatsApp group were falsely informed that they would be employed as riggers at an energy company, if they wired TT$3,000 to a Western Union account.

Man who posed as Justin Bieber online charged with over 900 sex offences

A man who allegedly posed as Justin Bieber online to solicit explicit images from children has been charged with more than 900 sex offences, Australian police have said.

Gordon Douglas Chalmers, 42, a law lecturer at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, faces 931 child sex offences dating back a decade, including rape and making child exploitation material.

AMCHAM urges Government to rethink 7% online purchasing tax

The T&T American Chamber of Commerce is asking the Government to rethink its position on the implementation of the online tax.

The 7% tax is due to take effect on Thursday morning.

AMCHAM issued this statement today.

"AMCHAM T&T is urging the Government to rethink its position on the implementation of the online purchase tax (OPT). This tax which is to be applied to all ‘online’ purchases sent via air freight and
is set to take effect from tomorrow.