Orange Level Riverine Flood Warning

Flooding woes continue

Thirty-five families have been rescued from floodwaters in Penal, and several other families have managed to make their way out of danger to stay with relatives.

Confirmation came today from local government councillor for Penal, Shanti Boodram, who also is a flood victim, herself.

The Penal councillor told Guardian Media that many people have lost everything in their homes, as well as their crops, their livestock and their livelihoods to the raging flood waters.

Orange Level Riverine Flood Warning now in effect

The Riverine Flood Alert has been upgraded, and an Orange Level Riverine Flood Warning is now in full effect.

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Services (TTMS) issued the warning just after midday, today.

Forecasters warn that isolated light to moderate showers are expected this afternoon with a low (30%) chance of heavy showers or thunderstorms. Run-off from rainfall over the last 24 hours continues to reach some of the smaller water courses and as a result, impacted areas remain inundated as flood waters are still slowly on the rise in southern Trinidad.