PAWI Leader on recent church scandals: “Cannot be business as usual…”

Not everyone calling themselves pastor is a true man of God, and unfortunately when they fall, Peter pays for Paul, and Paul pays for all..."

That the view of Reverend Don Hamilton, National Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI), as he commented on two recent cases involving Pentecostal pastors under police scrutiny.

One man of God is facing charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and trafficking in persons.

The other is under a police probe for his financial practices.

Toco man charged with possession of a Pawi

A resident of Cumana Village, Toco has been charged under Section 70 (2) of the Environmental Management Act, Chapter 35:05 for being in possession of a Pawi also known as the Trinidad Piping Guan or ‘wild turkey’ (Pipile pipile).

The Pawi was designated as an Environmentally Sensitive Species (ESS) in 2005 under the ESS Rules, 2001.

The EMA received a report of the Pawi being held in a cage at a residence in Cumana Village.