Flooding woes continue

Thirty-five families have been rescued from floodwaters in Penal, and several other families have managed to make their way out of danger to stay with relatives.

Confirmation came today from local government councillor for Penal, Shanti Boodram, who also is a flood victim, herself.

The Penal councillor told Guardian Media that many people have lost everything in their homes, as well as their crops, their livestock and their livelihoods to the raging flood waters.

Rambharat: Government hasn’t abandoned flood victims

Agriculture Minister, Clarence Rambharat, says government has not abandoned those who are suffering as a result of the recent flooding disaster in South Trinidad.

Speaking in Parliament today, the minister reported that local government officials have been on the ground since yesterday, and the Defence Force has lent its assistance.

Minister Rambharat confirmed his Cabinet colleagues—the ministers of Transport and Local Government—are on the ground, getting an assessment of the extent of the flooding damage for themselves.

Flooding in south Trinidad

Floodwaters have started to rise in several parts of Penal following several hours of consistent rainfall, and Chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation (PDRC), Dr Allen Sammy, expects flooding to worsen today.

He said several areas—including Scotts Road, Rock Road and Clarke Road—already have as much as three feet of water.

He said low tide is expected in the next two hours, but that will do little to alleviate the rising floods.

Dr Sammy told us PDRC teams already are on the ground, and that the region’s Disaster Management Plan has been activated.

32 illegal immigrants arrested in Penal

32 illegal immigrants have been arrested by Police after being found in Penal.
Police say Officers from the South Western Division and Immigration Division were conducting an exercise. They held seven persons at a house in Suchit Trace, Penal, while 23 others were discovered in a Penal bar. Police say 31 out of the 32 held were Venezuelan Nationals, while one is from Guyana. Nine persons were given notices and allowed to leave, while the others are being held. Police say three persons were also arrested for gaming machine offences. Investigations are ongoing.


Family in fear after robbery

The three cutlass-wielding robbers who terrorized, chopped, bit and kicked a Penal family on Tuesday morning, remain at large. 

Penal man dies in house fire

Trapped by his fears of being outdoors, Raffie Mohammed was burnt alive in a fire which destroyed his home in Penal on Monday afternoon.

His sister Nazra Baksh 52, who risked her life in a futile bid to save him, suffered extensive burns to her arms, back and legs, when she tried to pull him out from under a swing in the upper floor of the wooden house at Tulsa Branch Trace, Penal.

Mohammed, 47 suffered from down syndrome since birth and had never before left the safety of his home. He lived with his 87-year-old mother Shairoon Mohammed. 

Penal man charged with possession of gun, ammunition

A Penal man is expected to appear before a Siparia Magistrate, charged with possession of firearm and ammunition, after he was arrested by officers of the South Western Division Task Force (SWDTF), during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the Santa Flora district.

Kevin Ramsaran, 22, a welder, of Katwaroo Branch Trace, Penal, was arrested around 5:20pm, on Saturday 18th August, 2018, after the Mitsubishi Pajero motor vehicle he was driving was stopped and searched by officers during a roadblock exercise, along Field Road, Bennette Village, Santa Flora.