Penal Rock Road

Cabinet to get report on flooding today

Cabinet will be getting a report today on the flooding situation in the Penal-Debe Regional Corporation.

This after both the ministers for Works and Transport Minister, as well as Rural Development and Local Governement, have an opportunity to liaise with their teams in the field.

Ministers Rohan Sinanan and Kazim Hosein have joined their respective teams who have been working on the ground in response to the flooding in the riverine areas of Penal Rock Road, Barrackpore and Debe.

TTPS searching for kidnapped family of four

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has activated all its units to find a missing family of four who were forcibly taken from their home by masked men earlier today.
Missing is 26-year-old Aaron, his wife Paula and their two children five-year-old Ricardo and three-year-old Isabella Sooknanan.
According to reports six masked men stormed the family's Jhulai Branch Trace, Penal Rock Road home, early this morning and forced them into a vehicle.
When officers visited the home, they discovered the front door damaged and the interior of the house ransacked.

Parents killed in hit and run

Police are searching for the driver of a Nissan motor vehicle that slammed into a couple, killing them instantly.

CNC3 news understands that around 10 pm on Sunday 38-year-old Kimchan Roopnarine, his wife, 36-year-old Patricia Ali and their two sons ages 5 and 9 were walking along the Penal Rock road when a motor vehicle slammed into the couple.

They were thrown several feet into the air.

The vehicle narrowly missed the two children who were walking a short distance ahead of their parents.