JSC alarmed as one CAL pilot takes 100 free jumpseat trips in calendar year

Executives of state-owned Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) have been called upon to explain why one employee made 100 free trips in a calendar year, on personal business.

The question was raised by the chairman of the Joint Select Committee (JSC) on State Enterprises, Independent Senator David Small, as CAL's executive appeared before the JSC today.

Small referred to CAL documents which showed that the employee, a pilot, made the trips using what is referred to as a "jump-seat".

"Someone is using CAL as Air-Uber. This smacks of abuse of privilege," Small said.

Military helicopter pilot lands on freeway, asks truck driver for directions

A Kazakhstani military helicopter brought a convoy of trucks to a screeching halt when the pilot landed in the middle of the road to ask for directions.

The soviet-designed Mi-8 gunship, estimated to be worth $14 million, appeared quite out of place sitting in the middle of a highway in Kazakhstan.

A number of perplexed truck drivers making their way through the snow could be heard on the convoy radio questioning the pilot's motives when a small figure jumped out and jogged toward the closest vehicle.