Repairs to damaged aircraft to begin soon

Repairs to a Caribbean Airlines CAL) aircraft which crashed into the wall of the terminal building at Piarco International Airport last month are set to begin as initial assessment's to the plane's damage have been completed.

This has been confirmed by the airline's Corporate Communications Manager Dionne Ligoure  who told Guardian Media via text: "The ATR team has completed its assessment and repairs are to begin shortly."

The nose of the plane was damaged one month ago as it was be­ing tax­ied from the ramp to a hangar.

Int'l: 15 dead as Iranian plane crashes into house

A cargo plane crash near the Iranian capital, Tehran, has killed 15 people, Iran's army says.

The Boeing 707 came off the runway and hit a residential area while trying to land at Fath airport in Karaj, 40km (25 miles) west of Tehran, in poor weather.

Only a flight engineer of the 16 people on board was found alive, with no-one reportedly killed on the ground.

Nishal Sankat now on suicide watch

The attorney for Trinidad and Tobago national Nishal Sankat, who allegedly attempted to steal a plane last week, says his client is in a very delicate mental state and is under suicide watch in jail.

In an article in Florida Today, criminal defence attorney Greg Eisenmenger, says he is very concerned about Nishal and the situation he is in, adding his mental status is delicate. 

Nishal Sankat - former Hillview College student who tried to steal a plane

What was 22-year-old Nishal Sankat, a former Hillview College student thinking?

That's what US authorities are trying to determine, after the Trinidad and Tobago national breached a security fence at Orlando Melbourne International Airport and boarded a vacant American Airlines plane.

Sankat is the son of former UWI principal, Professor Clement Sankat.

The Florida Institute of Technology student has been charged with a criminal attempt to steal an airplane.

Authorities also booked the unnamed man for a visa violation and criminal trespassing. 

Plane carrying Saudi Arabia World Cup team catches fire in-flight

Saudi Arabia's official team plane caught fire in midair as they traveled to their World Cup match on Wednesday.

The Green Falcons, who fell to a 5-0 defeat at the hands of hosts Russia on the opening day of the World Cup, were on their way to Rostov in preparation for their second Group A match when the incident happened.

Flames were seen from the engine as the Russian Airlines Airbus as they flew in to take on Uruguay on Wednesday.