Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

Soca Raff Up organisers apologise, sort of…

The organizers of the SOCA RAFF UP 2020 are apologizing to patrons over last night's event, following a mechanical issue on one of the boats.

But the organizers are claiming the picture painted by some of the patrons is an exaggerated version of what actually transpired.

SOCA RAFF UP 2020 up began at around 3pm on Sunday and was carded to run until 8pm on board the vessel called “The Embassy”.

However, at some point last night, party patrons sent an SOS via social media, alleging that part of the boat had begun sinking.

Garcia: “Ministry and Police not giving up on nation’s children…”

Education Minister, Anthony Garcia, says the Ministry of Education has not given up the fight to bring back discipline and ensure a peaceful environment in the nation's schools.

Speaking on The Morning Brew show today, the education minister confirmed that the ministry has been working closely with Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and his team, to find solutions to the increasing indiscipline and violence in the nation’s 700-plus schools.

TOP COP: “Everything that can be done, will be done, to keep you safe…”

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has made yet another appeal for the justice system to ensure that gun-toting assassins stay behind bars.

Commissioner Griffith says they’ve succeeded in reducing every other serious crime, while homicides remain a sticking point.

The top cop says the courts continue to make it tougher for him and his team of police officers to keep the streets safe for ordinary citizens, by releasing known shooters and gunmen back into society, far too quickly.

Plot uncovered to kill SORT head

A plot was uncovered by police to execute the head of the Special Operations Unit (SORT) last night, which originated from within the prison's walls which led SORT officers to Laventille Road, San Juan this morning to apprehend a suspect, who was later shot and killed after firing upon the police.

A senior source told Guardian Media that SORT officers intercepted the man known as Glean Bain aka "Shooter"  in the vicinity of Ramesh and Leela Supermarket in a car allegedly on his way to pick up other persons to track down the SORT officer shortly after 9 a.m.

Griffith distances himself from Cambridge Analytica

A breach of cit­i­zen's pri­va­cy and se­cu­ri­ty tan­ta­mount to crim­i­nal charges have been lev­elled against for­mer Prime Min­is­ter Kam­la Per­sad-Bisses­sar and her Peo­ples Part­ner­ship gov­ern­ment.

But Top Cop Gary Grif­fith who served as Na­tion­al Se­cu­ri­ty Min­is­ter dur­ing the time the claims were made says he was un­aware of the al­le­ga­tions be­ing made.

Top cop to meet soon with LATT

The police commissioner is expected to meet soon with the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT), to discuss the possibility of rogue attorneys facilitating criminal acts.

The LATT recently wrote to the top cop, advising him to charge any lawyers that were deliberately breaking the law.

Cops to protect animals too

The TTPS is moving to enforce laws preventing animal cruelty in this country, and has pledged to work closely with animal welfare groups on the matter.

It comes following yesterday’s meeting of activists from the Animals Are Human Too organisation, with the police commissioner and officers from the Canine Unit and Mounted Branch.

Cops find 14-year-old in lewd party bust

A 14-year-old girl, who is be­lieved to be a vic­tim of hu­man traf­fick­ing, was among 22 fe­males de­tained at a ‘Se­cret Sun­day’ pool par­ty bust­ed by of­fi­cers of the Spe­cial Op­er­a­tions Re­sponse Team (SORT) af­ter mid­night on Sun­day.

They were found in a house at Chan­cel­lor Heights, Up­per La­dy Chan­cel­lor Road, St Ann’s in Port-of-Spain.

Police seek more cooperation in shooting probe

As in­ves­ti­ga­tions con­tin­ue in­to the po­lice-in­volved shoot­ing of Keone Paryag—fi­ance of Danah Al­leyne—who is the sis­ter of Crime Watch host Ian Al­leyne, po­lice in­ves­ti­ga­tors claim that they are not get­ting the ex­pect­ed 100 per cent co­op­er­a­tion from those ques­tioned about what tran­spired on Fri­day.

How­ev­er, po­lice said Al­leyne (Danah) told them that she was not held hostage by Paryag.