Police brace for gang war after Diego Martin murder

Police in the Western Division are bracing for an upsurge in gang-related incidents following the murder of Sheldon Trimmingham of La Puerta, Diego Martin.

Trimmingham’s murder came just over 24 hours after a gang leader from the area and another gang member were shot and wounded. That incident occurred around 9 pm on Sunday, where the gang leader was shot in the leg when gunmen shot up the vehicle he was in. Police sources said they believe Trimmingham was killed as a reprisal over that shooting.

Video: Female student tussles with male police officers and the reason is more cause for concern

A video of a female school student tussling with two police officers is being circulated extensively on social media and the reason for the tussle is even more alarming.

The conflict, according to eyewitnesses, stemmed from the police's attempt to ensure the safety of the student.

The identity of the student cannot be shared since she is legally a minor.

According to reports, police officers were on patrol in Port-of-Spain when they observed the student in the company of a man outside a clothing store.

VIDEO: Police shoot and wound gunman after Nelson Street attack

Police have shot and wounded a man who opened fire on them.

The incident occurred shortly after 9 pm on Monday night.

According to report, a gunman attempted to carry out an attack on a group of men on Nelson Street, Port-of-Spain.

However, he was intercepted by police officers from a police post in the area.

There was an exchange of gunfire near Picadilly Street and the man was hit about the body.

He is currently warded at hospital.

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Police seek help in identifying headless corpse

Police are still trying to identify the headless corpse found in Arouca on Saturday and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

The body was found in a bushy area at Edna Hill, Arouca around 9:50 am on Saturday.

The body was severed at the wrists and police described it as being that of a brown-skinned slim-built male, approximately 6 feet tall, with a tattoo on the chest inscribed with the words “what is a king without a crown.”

A statement by the Police Service says that up to earlier today, the head had not yet been located.

Police shoot "Convict" dead in Caparo

Police have shot and killed a man known only as "Convict" after they say they ordered him to drop a firearm he was brandishing.

The incident occurred around 7 pm on Monday.

Police say two officers responded to a report of a man brandishing a firearm on the main road in Caparo.

They say that on arrival at the apartment building the police officers were confronted by a man who pointed a firearm at them.

One of the officers drew his service pistol and fired at the armed man.

Police arrest suspect in St Joseph double-murder

Police have detained a suspect in connection with the shooting death of Kerlan "Mice Man" George and Shameer Ali in St Joseph last weekend.

The duo was gunned down mere meters from the St Joseph Police Station.

Police conducted a series of exercises on the north coast from maracas to las Cuevas last night during which they held the suspect.

He is reputed to be a known gang leader who has been before the court of firearm offences.