MY EYE: Pothole on Mahaica Road

This photo of a pothole along the Mahaica Road, Carapichaima, was sent by Sheldon using the My Eye feature in the new CNC3 App.

Sheldon tells us: "One of several potholes posing a danger to motorists traversing Mahaica Road. The holes are across both lanes and drivers have to cross lanes or drive off the road to avoid having to go into them. In addition there is overgrown brush along both sides of the road posing addition hazards to motorists."

The My Eye feature allows you to express your concern or to simply share other things of joy or concern to you.

MY EYE: 'Swimming pool' on the Western Main Road

This is a pothole found on the Western Main Road, sent to us via the My Eye feature on the new CNC3 App.

The photo was sent to us by a user who only gave us one name, "Khaleel".

Khaleel described it as a "swimming pool" and said it is in the middle of the lane.

Although he did not give the exact location, we do hope that with the new pothole repair programme underway, this will be a thing of the past.

Thank you Khaleel and remember you too can send us you photos and video via the My Eye feature after downloading the new CNC3 App.