Schools closed for local government elections

The Education Ministry has advised that there will be no school on Monday December 2nd, the day of the local government elections.

According to a release issued by the ministry, the Chief Education Officer explains, this is to facilitate the elections process.

Some schools are used as voting centres.

Schools principals are advised that school will resume, as normal, on Tuesday November 3rd.


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Imbert meets with principals of private schools today

Finance Minister Colm Imbert holds a second meeting with principals of private secondary schools today and principals are hoping that the meeting will finally bring resolution to their request for a fee increase.

The Government has been paying $1,200 per child per term for students which they assign to the private secondary schools, but school officials say they are in millions of dollars of debt because the money they have been receiving from the state is just not enough.

Primary school principals reject Ministry's position on helping to secure school gates

Primary school principals are asking Education Minister Anthony Garcia, whether he intends to arm them with batons and bulletproof vests.

This question, they say, is in response to the minister's statement that principals should take responsibility, along with security guards, for manning the school gates.

The principals say the Education Minister is misinterpreting the Education Act which speaks to school security.

Penalties for school principals

Principals are responsible for the safety of students in schools and can be disciplined for breaches, Education Minister Anthony Garcia warned yesterday.

The minister, who admitted that he is concerned about gaps in systems to address bullying in schools, was commenting about a recent incident in which a Standard Three pupil of the Munroe Road Government Primary School was attacked by a group of older schoolmates. The ten-year-old victim was beaten and dragged and suffered injuries to his stomach, legs, arms, head and face.