Guardian photographer attacked as murder-accused breaks free from police

A news photographer attached to the Guardian newspaper's San Fernando bureau has been forced to seek medical attention at hospital after being attaked by a prisoner being escorted by police outside the San Fernando courthouse.

Rishi Ragoonath was taking photographs of the accused when the man, who is on four murder charges, broke loose from the police and attacked him.

The man kicked Ragoonath and injured him in his face.

He also caused the camera to fall to the ground and be badly damaged.

Prisoner makes failed dash for freedom

Prison officers on Thursday foiled an attempt by an inmate to escape from the Golden Grove Prison.

Reports indicate that the prisoner attempted to escape whilst working on an out-gang alongside the Golden Grove Road in Arouca.  

Two officers attached to the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) at the Maximum Security Prison were on patrol when they were alerted by the out-gang’s supervising officer that inmate Roopnarine Kanhai had taken off his shirt and made a daring dash in an attempt to escape along the Golden Grove Road. 

Prisoner escapes from Carrera Island Prison

Police are still searching for a prisoner who escaped from the Carrera ISland Prison last evening.

The escapee has been identified as Reynold James, also known as 'Vall Celestine Charles'.

He was discovered missing Sunday night and it is believed that he escaped between 6 pm and 7 pm Sunday.

He was serving a sentence of 10 years for a series of robberies, larceny and house breaking in the Windy Hill, Arouca district.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the nearest police station.