Call for probe into Maha Sabha finances

One pundit is calling for a probe into the financial operations of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, following news of the current probe into the Third Exodus Assembly Church in Longdenville.

According to Pundit Satyanand Maharaj, Spiritual Leader at the Satya Ananad Ashram in Aranguez, the State needs to embark on a serious examination of all religious institutions, in light of this situation.

In a press release, Pundit Maharaj also takes the Inter-Religious Organisation and other religious bodies to task for remaining silent on the issue.

451 police officers facing disciplinary probes

The Police Service’s Complaints Division has on record a total of 450 police officers under investigation for disciplinary misconduct, National Security Minister Edmund Dillon said yesterday.

Replying to Opposition questions in Parliament, he added, “However, the names of police officers aren’t always included in the initial complaints and therefore the figure can vary once an investigation has commended and the officer(s) are identified in relation to an allegation.”

PSC faces probe

After almost seven years of work and expenditure of $7 million of taxpayers’ money on the search for a Police Commissioner, the country will have to wait further as Parliament yesterday announced a Special Select Committee will now probe how the Police Service Commission arrived at their selection of acting DCP Deodat Dulalchan for the post.Local firm KPMG, who assisted in the process, will also face a probe by the body.

Police probe gun video

Officers of the Port-of-Spain Division are now investigating a 23-second long video clip, showing a known criminal brandishing a gun with two extra cylindrical magazines.

Police identified the man who lives in the St Paul Street, East Dry River district, and said he appeared to be “showing off” his new gun.

Police suspect that the man in the video recently received the weapon.

The video, which is being circulated on WhatsApp, is one of many social media recordings of criminals brandishing weapons.

Police probe into San Fernando police shooting

Ag Commissioner of Police (CoP) Harold Phillip has ordered a probe into the police-involved shooting that resulted in the death of 34-year-old Adelle Gilbert from Embacadere, San Fernando.

Gilbert, of building 23 Ramsaran Street, Embacadere, was shot in the chest after being chased by police at Carlton Lane, San Fernando Housing Development Corporation around12:48 pm on Thursday. 

Commissioner Phillip gives the assurance the investigation will be open and transparent and that the outcome will be made known to the public.