Property Tax

West: Government does not anticipate Property Tax being due this year

Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Allyson West, says Government does not anticipate Property Tax being due this year as valuations are still progressing slowly while they await the outcome of the matter that is currently before the courts.

While Minister Colm Imbert announced a tax amnesty for three months, yesterday there was no word on the due date for property tax payments.

In 2017, the Ministry of Finance put out a press release requesting property owners to complete and submit valuation forms along with relevant documents.

PM: ‘UNC misleading on Property Tax’

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday accused the Opposition of making the Property Tax issue a political mayhem and misleading the population.

Rowley made the statement during his contribution on the Corporation Tax Bill in Parliament, as he said the United National Congress was now carrying on about Property Tax as though it was “leprosy.”

Noting he had been paying taxes since the age of 17, Rowley said when his grandfather first gave him two and a half acres of land in Tobago he knew he had to pay a tax of $1.44 cents.

150,000 eligible for property tax waiver

Finance Minister Colm Imbert is seeking to clarify how the property tax will work and he is making it clear that it does not include dog houses or duck ponds.

In a tweet this morning, Minister Imbert said the property tax is based on the rental value of properties and not the capital value.

He goes on to say that minor structures like a dog house, duck pond or fowl coop cannot possibly increase the tax payable since it does not increase the rental value of a property in any significant way.

Finance Minister: No tax on fowl coops, duck ponds or dog houses

The ministry of finance says property owners do not have to pay tax for fowl coops, duck ponds or dog houses.

In a statement this morning, finance minister Colm Imbert says at no time did he state or even suggest property owners would have to pay for fowl pens, dog houses or duck ponds.