JTUM gets Parliament protest wrong - right address, wrong day

The Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) came prepared to protest outside the Parliament building today, only to learn that was no Parliament in session.

The protest was then shifted to the Office of the Prime Minister, even though the prime minister is out of the country.

The action saw a call to all trade unions, as the groups sought to highlight their dissatisfaction with the industrial relations climate.

The intended action was also aimed at highlight discontent with the number of job losses in recent times.

Protesting law students locked out

A heated protest outside the gates of the UWI Teaching and Learning Centre this morning, as campus security locked out protesting law students. 

Scores of students gathered to request a meeting with campus principal professor Brian Copeland, to discuss the impending move to the UWI South Debe campus.

Copeland was at the time addressing UWI's St Augustine annual council meeting.

However, when the students arrived the gates were closed off, tied with wires and rope, prompting students to begin chanting and shouting their frustrations.