VIDEO: Residents block Beetham Highway

Parts of the Beetham highway and the priority bus route are currently blocked by rioting Beetham residents.

CNC3 understands that police are mobilizing resources and heading to the scene.

CNC3 has obtained footage of residents blocking the highway and throwing objects at passing vehicles.

Garcia: Ministry cannot remove teacher at San Fernando Methodist Primary

Education Minister Anthony Garcia has advised protesting parents of the San Fernando Methodist Primary School that the assistance being requested for the removal of a teacher at the school is the responsibility of the Teaching Service Commission (TSC).

In a statement issued the by the Ministry, the Minister reiterated that the responsibilities of the Ministry and that of the TSC differ and must not be confused to ensure that transparency is maintained in all matters.

Residents protest over bad road conditions in Todds Road

Residents of Todds road staged a fiery protest this morning as the rural community in South Trinidad expressed their frustrations over road conditions.

They say a major landslip in the area is endangering the structures of several homes.

One community member says former Minister of Works Fitzgerald Hinds visited in January 2016 and since then no work has been done. 

Over the last two weeks, a number of communities have staged fiery protests. 

Black flags erected outside Ministry of Agriculture and Office of the Prime Minister

A series of Black flags have been erected outside the Ministry of Agriculture and the Office of the Prime Minister.

The flags were erected sometime last night.

CNC3 contacted Pundit Luthcmdial who admitted that they were elevated by his employees as a form of protest.

He says the flags are not linked to any religious rituals.

CNC3 understands the matter is linked to a quarry contract.