Growing call for anti-Budget protest outside Parliament on Friday

Citizens are being called to protest the measures announced in the 2018 budget presentation by Minister of Finance Colm Imbert.

A video making the rounds on Whatsapp, calls on people to gather in front of the Parliament building on Friday.

The video says citizens will gather to take a stand against the Budget measures, and highlights "extreme taxation, high tuition fees, high food prices and high gas prices".

The advertisement calls for patriotic and concerned citizens to "wake up" and says that "doing nothing is not an option."

Parents protest at Preysal Government Primary School

Over 100 parents of the Preysal Government Primary School staged a noisy protest outside the school's compound this morning.

The parents say the facility is a health hazard and cited a ruptured sewer line and rat infestation as just some of the issues affecting their children.

However, despite this morning's action, the Education Minister says officials have given the facility the thumbs up.

Jesse Ramdeo tells us more.